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Long Term Commitment Projects Teams.

Our Digital Competence Center deliver solution implementation services that aim to provide quality, value and cost-efficient outputs to our customers. Our services are shaped to our clients’ needs based on their choice of project management methodologies: Agile or Waterfall.


◎ Best project options
◎ Complete package
◎ Business market analysations

Custom Software

◎ Customs apps
◎ Best options
◎ Flexibility

Dedicated Development Centers

◎ Cost saving/benefits
◎ Short realease cycles
◎ Quality and support


◎ Concept & Hands-on Training
◎ Personalized Training Programs
◎ Real-life scenarios

Maintenance and Support

◎ Trust
◎ Quality product and service
◎ Customer retain

Demo Prototypes

◎ Fewer errors
◎ Better definition to client needs
◎ More opportunity for changes

A hub for Microsoft platforms’ knowledge

Bizdirect’s Digital Competence Center is a hub for Microsoft platforms’ knowledge, that enables Partners to innovate and move faster on their digital technology adoption. We work on different types of platforms to get the best possible results for each type of project.


Programming Languages

Customer's Feeback

We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our customers regarding their experience with our Competence Center.

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