•Orders up by 28% • EBITDA up by 74% • Strategy for going up the value chain implemented in 2009 exceeds the original targets

  • Orders up by 28%
  • EBITDA up by 74%
  • Strategy for going up the value chain implemented in 2009 exceeds the original targets

The Bizdirect announces that it registered a turnover of 92.2 million euros in 2009, which represents an increase of 47% over the same period of the previous year (62.7 million Euros) In terms of profitability Bizdirect saw a 74% growth in EBITDA, with operating income of 1.5 million euros.

‘We started 2009 feeling rather optimistic, despite the crisis, and always believed in the strategy we implemented supported by a restructuring where we changed the core business, mainly growing in customers outside the Sonae group and going up the value chain, enabling us to far exceed the targets set. Turnover of around 92 million euros in 2009 is proof that we were correct’ said João Santiago, General Manager of Bizdirect. ‘The goal for 2010 is to continue to ensure good results, bringing value to the solutions that we provide to our customers,’ he adds.

2009 was a remarkable year for Bizdirect, since the company implemented a new strategic direction to move up the value chain, focusing its business on the Distribution and Resale of multi-brand Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Solutions and Management of Software Licensing Contracts. The successes of the company’s results in 2009 were due in large part to winning new high value projects through the Value Solutions Business Unit and through the growth of our customer portfolio. Throughout the year, Bizdirect won highly relevant IT projects in organisations of reference among Portuguese companies, like Grupo Caixa Geral de Depósitos, RTP, Grupo Cimpor, Banco BPI, among others

Also noteworthy was the organic growth of the team, one of the investments for 2009, accompanied by a new department-based structure and the creation of a management team.

For 2010, Bizdirect will seek to continue to move up in the value chain and increase profitability In order to meet these objectives the company intends to select distinctive products and ensure their representation / distribution, strengthen implementation technical skills and support for selected products, as well as develop offers specialised by sectors. The commitment to highly qualified human resources will also be maintained in 2010.

Another axis of growth is through internationalisation, and Bizdirect’s direct presence in other countries, particularly Spain, is currently being evaluated.

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