SharePoint has come a long way since its launch, 15 years ago. Originally developed as a collaborative platform, the product has gone through several changes since its first version, released in 2001. The product is now in its 7th version (2001, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and Online).

SharePoint_História(Source: Microsoft)

But to understand the real magnitude of SharePoint, it becomes important to share with you some figures that reveal its importance and why this is a worldwide adopted platform:


    • More than 200.000 corporate customers;


    • More than 1 million developers;


    • Solutions Ecosystem with a value of over 10 billion dollars;


    • 2x usage growth in 2015 (SharePoint Online); 


    • 5x content growth in 2015 (SharePoint Online);


    • Office 365 has more than 70 million active users, which makes it the biggest productivity service in the world.


(Source: The Future of SharePoint)

The dimension of these figures leads us to believe that SharePoint is on the right track to become an indispensable framework for organizations committed to team collaboration and productivity. We believe that with the latest product improvements, these numbers will increase very quickly as there is a great growth potential and there are still many companies which are not taking proper advantage of it.

In May, an important milestone has been achieved with the worldwide SharePoint 2016 launch – considered the most tested release ever and designed to operate in a hybrid model.

Microsoft strategy “Cloud-First” keeps the features development effort focus, primarily in the Online release, with Client Side APIs which are more agile and scalable. The harmonization between these two releases comes now, with some features that were only available in the Online version, adapted to On-Premise.

This SharePoint Server 2016 version is considered by Microsoft as the most stable version ever released, as it has already been tested over the past few years in its online version. The same will happen with all the updates, given the fact that they will always be available first in the Online version and later, for “Server”.

There are several new features that SharePoint 2016 presents to community regarding content sharing, mobility, security, privacy and product development new paradigms:


    • Compared to the previous version – SharePoint Server 2013 – this new release considerably increases boundaries and limits – in many cases, more than double. I would like to point out one typical case that probably caused many headaches to technical teams: “List View threshold”. Now, it supports results with more than 5,000 items: (


    • Sharing links to documents is another improved feature. Previously, when a user renamed a document with a link to SharePoint, that link was immediately broken. Now, “persistent links”have been created to overcome this problem and SharePoint keeps a permanent reference to all documents even when renamed or moved.


    • For those who want an online solution while keeping servers ”in house”, Microsoft provides a hybrid solution for the best of both worlds. This feature allows searches in SharePoint Online that query On-Premise and vice versa.


    • For Project Server fans, the new version is more easy to set up, with no need to install separately, as in the past.


    • Another new feature is related to the new Team Sites Home Page as similar to the past version in Office Delve. SharePoint users will find a new page oriented to the logged in user, making it easy to access documents they are working on and to browse most recently used documents.


SharePoint 2016 news does not stop here: this month, Microsoft announced the launch of its first SharePoint mobile app for iOS and by the end of the year this app will be available for both Android and Windows smart phones.

On a final note, I would like to leave you with a Satya Nadella’s message about SharePoint 2016.

“We are continuing to advance SharePoint, OneDrive and the entire Office 365 service in ways that make productivity even more collaborative, intelligent, mobile and trustworthy.” | Satya Nadella

Bizdirect is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Collaboration and Content and our team is available to help you update your SharePoint framework to SharePoint 2016!


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