Integrated management system: focus on customer satisfaction

Improve Quality with us.

  • For a company to be competitive and guarantee its service levels, it is important for its processes to be well defined, assimilated and founded on a policy of process improvement. The involvement of the entire organisational structure is a priority goal. Quality is built into the culture of Bizdirect and is the factor responsible for our standard of thoroughness. We are strongly committed to the satisfaction of the needs, demands and expectations of our customers and to the continuous improvement of the efficiency of our processes, in order to minimise risk for all parties concerned.

    Bizdirect has a Quality Management System (QMS) that meets the demands of the NP EN ISO 9001 standards, certified and implemented throughout the organisation since 2004, encompassing the Product Retail and Consultancy Provider Services, as well as the development and integration of information technology solutions. The QMS is evidence of Bizdirect’s competence and commitment to its Policy on Quality, the guiding principle in the performance of its processes and the accompaniment and alignment with best practices.

Our Policy on Quality is the result of the company’s interpretation of its vision, mission and values and makes commitments to:
 – the requirements of the QMS;
 – our customers;
 – our business partners;
 – applicable regulations.


Environmental responsibility is part of our strategy

Take Care Environment with us.

Bizdirect undertakes to apply an Environmental Management System (EMS) in all our services, in compliance with the legislation in force and with the requirements of the NP EN ISO 14001 norm. 


The EMS implemented found appropriate to specifics environment aspects of the organization, on which the activities and included facilities in their framework are environmentally controlled in compliance with the requirements applied and with the established environment policy.


We are all involved and we are responsible for the development of the environment goals. Based on these evaluations, the management establishes periodically new goals and targets to achieve, ensuring a continuous improvement of the entire system. Assuming the environmental management as an important tool in the development and sustainable growth of our activity.


The Environment policy was the starting point of action that aim an improving environmental performance of Bizdirect, transmitting a clear signal of change to all relevant parts.

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