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In an increasingly demanding sector, the focus on innovation, research and the development of new technological solutions is increasingly important. This innovation enables us to develop new business models and further improve Bizdirect’s market positioning. We focus on innovation as a differentiating factor in the market, contributing with the best solutions for the success of our projects.

Meet our project: SmartSeg - Smart Targeting Engine

Project Code: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-011192

Main goal: Strengthen research, technological development and innovation

Intervention area:  North Region

Beneficiary: DigitMarket – Sistemas de Informação S.A

Financing Program:

Approval date: 09-05-2017

Start date: 03-04-2016

End date expected: 30-03-2018

Total eligible cost: 396.805,47 €

European Union Financial Support | FEDER: 206.893,73 €

Total eligible cost executed on 31-03-2017: 199.174,55 €

The SmartSeg project aims to design and create an intelligent segmentation engine to assist marketers in setting campaign targets. The engine will be materialized in a IT solution (set of programs that implement algorithms) to be used in defining the universe of a campaign.


The solution will incorporate an intelligence layer that will work on campaign inputs and select individuals within the possible universe with the highest degree of affinity for the organization / brand / product / event, which will be defined by a profile (registration data and relationship history) and by a subjective factor: the polarity of perceived feeling.

Perceived feeling refers to the analysis of the individual as a participant in social network in which, openly, expresses emotions about the object or related themes. The algorithms to be developed will allow us to identify the polarity of each individual’s feeling about the object under analysis and to give it a degree of greater or lesser empathy.


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