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Lisbon receives in March, the eXtreme 365, an event that brings together the Dynamics 365 community from all over Europe. Bizdirect is Premier Sponsor and will be there throughout the five days of the event. Miguel Mendes, International Sales Director at Bizdirect reveals, behind the scenes, some of the initiatives that will take place there


1- Given that it will be the 1st time that eXtreme365 is held in Portugal, what are your expectations?

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I’m really excited to have such an important event like eXtreme365 in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is known for its atmosphere, nice weather and great food. I believe that, by being held in Lisbon, eXtreme365 in 2017 will be the best CRM event so far. Not only the number of attendees, speakers and sponsors will increase but also the opportunities to network. Moreover, people will be able to attend great sessions and will learn about the changes of Dynamics 365, the market evolution and Microsoft investments in this particular area.

2- And what can we expect about the Bizdirect ISV showcase?


Bizdirect will have a 30 min speaking slot during the afternoon of March 14th. In this session we expect people to understand the benefits of working with a nearshore competence center instead of working with isolated programmers. We will explain the vision for our Competence Center and give some examples of projects and business relations we have with our partners. We will also demonstrate our methodology of working together with partners and our added value from the moment we receive the requirements until inplementation and delivery of the project. 


3- Bizdirect motto is “working side-by-side”. What does it mean to you?


We believe the only way to ensure the success and overall happiness of the end customers is to put all stakeholders in the center of our business. So, “working side-by-side” means that we see our partners’ clients as our customers as well. If we are able to be by our partners’ side, we will expand together, establish mutually beneficial partnerships and make a strong impact on our partner community.

Do you want to know more about eXtreme 365 or about our collaboration model with customers and partners?

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