A Nearshore Competence Center focused in Dynamics CRM and SharePoint!

Fixed Price Logo Round
Fixed Price
  • No surprises: know exactly how much you'll pay
  • Best suited for projects with detailed requirements
  • Lower cost on large projects
  • Includes documentation, planning, project management, post deployment support
Capacity Pack Round Logo
Capacity Pack
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Less overhead - lower cost on small tasks or projects
  • Best suited for agile projects and those without detailed requirements
  • Suited for work peaks or non-project tasks (PoC's, Architecture, Support)
Dedicated Team Round Logo

Dedicated Team

  • Extend your team for a fixed period of time
  • The same team of Bizdirect consultants fully allocated to your project  
  • Best suited for long-term commitments  

Bizdirect Team

Bizdirect's Team is:

  • Senior and experienced 
  • Microsoft-certified 
  • International

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