Lisbon, 17 February 2017 – Bizdirect, a reference player in the business of IT solutions and services, brings to Lisbon eXtreme365, the largest event for the community of Dynamics CRM partners in Europe. This initiative aims to give continuity to the strategy of promoting the Bizdirect Competence Center with new customers from international markets and enhance its technological position as one of the leading players of CRM solutions on the market.

This will be the first time the annual eXtreme365 event is held in Lisbon. It’s held in two sections: eXtreme365 for Partners (13-15 March) and eXtreme365 for Customers (16-17 March). It’s the first year for a Customers event with specific speakers, presentations and training for the Dynamics 365 customer community. During five days, more than 500 participants from all over Europe will discuss and share experiences around CRM solutions and be able to monitor the evolution of Microsoft’s product roadmap for Dynamics 365. Among keynote speakers will be Param Kahlon, GM, Program Management Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and JC Quintana, author, and a founding director of the innovative Customer Experience program at Rutgers University.

“To bring to Portugal an event so important such as eXtreme365 is a big step for Bizdirect,” says Rita Cordovil, Bizdirect CMO. “It’s an event that has an international presence and position and besides that, has the presence of world-renowned speakers in the CRM market – most notably from Microsoft. This is an event that we have been supporting for several years and this initiative consolidates our investment strategy of our Competence Center with the purpose of being close to the international community of Microsoft CRM partners. eXtreme 365 is one of those key moments for our expansion strategy as a Competence Center of excellence in Microsoft solutions.”

Bizdirect will also host a session designed for partners, which will take place on 14th of March and will last 30 minutes, dedicated to the theme “Working side-by-side in a Nearshore model”.
Bizdirect will share the experience of the last 3 years, resulting from working side-by-side in partnership with the Dynamics CRM partners in Europe, who consider Bizdirect to be an the extension of their team.

Currently the Bizdirect Competence Center develops and exports Microsoft platform software from Portugal to Europe and the Middle East, and already has more than 25 customers spread over 15 countries including United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, France, Hungary, and others.

“This year it was quite easy to choose the city to host eXtreme365.” says Christy Spokely, eXtreme365 CEO. “Lisbon was chosen for its charismatic characteristics, from good weather to food and the people, but also for the innovation and entrepreneurship that the city breathes. It was one of the most tourist-visited cities last year and several times was awarded by travelling magazines and websites. Besides that, we’ve had the privilege of working with Bizdirect as sponsor and partner, and obviously that helped us in our final decision. We needed a stellar name in the CRM market in Europe, and here in Portugal Bizdirect is a target reference. We are so grateful for their participation.”

Two eXtreme365 events take place annually per year, one in Europe and one in the United States.

If you want to know more about the event please visit the link below:
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